My Personal Penomet Penis Pump Experience and Review

My name is Ross Jameson from the UK. I have written this review because I want to help others who also want a bigger penis like I did.

Ross JamesonI am a 23 years old and previously had a below national size average penis. The average is 6.5 inches in America when erect and I was less than 6 inches in length. I know it's not a huge difference but this has always bothered me that I cannot satisfy the girls enough or they won't be impressed. I really wanted to boost my confidence also when it comes to having sex and be that guy that she always remembers. I do not have a great amount of money so I cannot afford surgery so after months of research I decided to take action and try and at least overcome the problem one way or another.


Penomet Packaging

I looked at creams, extension devices and pumps. Creams had really bad reviews and extensions seemed to take too long to get the desired results with comfort issues as well. That led me to a penis pump and the one that reallt stuck out for me was Penomet with its water assisted pump and gaitor system for comfort. Also it had been proven to get the fastest results out of any of the options with only 15 minutes of use per day.

My Order

I ordered Penomet and it came in 5 days of my order. Had I not been expecting the Penomet, I would have not known what it was because it was packaged in a plain carton box. That’s how discreet the Penomet Company are when sending you the pump. Anyone living with you would not know what it is. As for customs if you are buying it from abroad, then they see it as a toy on the description so no questions are asked.

My Results

Penomet Penis Orginal Size

In just three months, I observed the most amazing difference in my length which was wa more than I could ever of imagined. I have actually stopped using the pump now because I reached my goal of 7.5 inches. I had grown an additional 1.60 inches in length since I began with a further 0.25 inches in girth.

When using Penomet, I advise using it in the bath or in the shower for extra comfort. The first week I used it, I could already see amazing results starting to happen with Penomet Penis 7 weeks Size0.2 inches more but the more and more I used it, the more I got excited. After 7 weeks of use, I gained an extra inch in length. Another 5 weeks later, I had reached my goal of 7.5 inches in length and it only took me 3 months in total.

The device itself, does not hurt but you will feel some minor discomfort at the beginning.

The best thing is, it was only a one off payment, I only used it for 15 minutes per day only and I get to the size that makes me feel amazing.Penomet Penis 3 months Size On top of all this, my erection seems to be even better and harder for longer and I feel confident to meet girls.

If you are only looking for an extra 0.5 to 1 inch in growth, I recommend buying the Penomet Standard

If you wanting 1 to 2 inches in extra growth, I recommend buying the Penomet Extra

If you are wanting more than 2 inches, I definitely recommend buying the Penomet Premium

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